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Investor Data Management

Supercharge critical investor workflows with smarter data

Faster investor onboarding
KYC/AML checks
Smart, reusable
data for workflows
Synchronized with
other systems
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What is IDM?

Cutting-edge platform for fund managers

Investor Data Management (IDM) is the latest Anduin platform designed to bring all your investor data in one place for faster subscriptions, automated compliance checks, and efficient post-close interactions.

With IDM, GPs can effortlessly curate and maintain a master profile for each investor and use that as a source of truth to facilitate different workflows.

Fund management platform

What we do

Streamline GP middle and back office tasks Create amazing investor touch points


No need to ask for the same information twice

Never ask for the same info twice

After months of convincing investors to join or return to your funds, why add friction at the end? 

GPs can now prefill up to 90% of subscription forms and bring that white-glove service to your valued investors.

  • Pre-fill forms from past subscriptions or your CRM.
  • Mark the documents already on file.
  • Reuse data to automate post-close workflows such as LP voting, transfers, and wire instructions.
Check for expired documents

Make document review a breeze

Streamlined document review

Imagine what once consumed precious time now takes mere minutes. By having a master profile for each investor, GPs can significantly cut down on review time.

  • Instantly flag and summarize differences between existing information and latest documents.
  • Comment in-thread to seek clarification or confirmation from investors.
Compare documents to find differences

No more chasing investors for expired IDs

Stay on top of compliance with automatic risk assessment and renewal reminders

Stay ahead of your KYC/AML expiration dates. Your in-house compliance and tax team can rest assured knowing all documents are in good standing. 

  • Automatically extract signing and expiration dates for tax forms, passports, and driver's licenses.
  • Set reminder rules, request updates and collect up-to-date documents.
Monitoring AML and KYC document expiry for compliance

Get a detailed overview of investor commitments

Detailed investor commitment overview

Tracking investor commitments across different funds can become a headache.

Our platform brings investor allocations together in one user-friendly dashboard, giving you a clear picture while reducing the needs to juggle separate, error-prone trackers.

  • View both the aggregation and breakdown of investor contributions across different vehicles.
  • Gain insights into the status of all investors, track investment type, and ongoing funds.
Investor commitment overview

Keep your CRM synced with the latest LP data

Sync data between your CRM or General Ledger, and Anduin's workflows

Using our API, funds can easily maintain real-time connectivity between their CRM and critical workflows on Anduin.

  • Automatically refresh your CRM with the latest LP data via subscription documents.
  • Launch one-click invitations from CRM based on status change.
  • Extract and digitize data from past PDFs, consolidating all investor data in one place.


Bespoke data management
for greater efficiency and better LP relationships

Industry-specific data management

Industry-specific data management

IDM goes beyond a general data storage; it's a platform crafted specifically for the private markets.

The data stored on our platform can be used to initiate and run different workflows, from paperless subscription to investor outreach activities.

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Adaptable to your needs

Adaptable to your needs

Whether you have 50, 100, or 1000 Investors in your LP base, we can scale with you.

Every firm and client's data structure can be fully customized, ensuring there's no one-size-fits-all solution for your unique need.

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100% investor data in one place

100% investor data in one place

Gathering and maintaining data from multiple raises can be overwhelming.

Whether your investor information come from past subscriptions, CRM systems, or PDFs and spreadsheets, we help you bring them all together effortlessly.

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Seamless and unified LP experience

Seamless and unified LP experience

Stand out in the busy private markets by offering your LPs something special.

With IDM being a part of our integrated tech stack, your LPs won't get lost in a digital maze. They'll have a seamless, intuitive platform for all GP-LP interactions, from subscription to post-close communication.

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