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Empower the Investor Experience

Investor Access

Reusable investor profiles with saved information and AML/KYC documents that enable LPs to easily and efficiently subscribe to multiple funds.

Investor Access

How it works

Just three steps to power your raise with Anduin.

Subscribe, Save, and Reuse investor data










Superior Subscription Experience

Superior subscription experience

Save investors from providing the same information again and again with reusable profiles. Over 500+ data points and documents like AML/KYC can be saved, allowing investors to quickly and easily subscribe to as many funds as they’d like.

Up-to-date data hub

Investors have full control of their data and can create, edit, or
delete information in their profiles at any time with all their
investment entities accessible in one place. Automated
notifications send reminders when documents are about to expire.

Up-to-date Data Hub
Investment Management

Investment management

Comprehensive overview of resource allocation for LPs with the
ability to track commitment amounts invested, subscription
progress, and any required actions.

Tracking & collaborating

Investors can easily invite collaborators to edit profiles or subscribe on their behalf if granted the appropriate levels of access, while the audit log tracks and records any data change history with timestamps and users' information.

Tracking and Collaborating

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