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The private markets & Anduin

Our investor onboarding platform integrates with the applications you use every day. We’ve pre-built integrations with our extensive market-leading partner network, so you can connect Anduin to the tools you use to run your business. If there’s a specific additional integration you need, our API toolkit allows for custom application connection development

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Partnering with Anduin

Firms are using Anduin every day to meet the demands of their GPs in a digital age where speed, efficiency, and security are critical.


Anduin is the first source of truth for critical investor and fund data. Whether an advisor or tech provider, direct and unfiltered access to critical data enhances your ability to fully serve your clients.


Fund managers have more options than ever before, so providing them with a first-rate experience is key. Anduin helps you create an exceptional experience for fund managers and their investors.


With Anduin, the process is streamlined for your GPs, allowing you and your team to deliver excellent service. Our platform includes direct commenting, automated communications, and tracking, making things even easier.


Adding Anduin with your expertise to meet ever-changing and complex demands

Firms are using Anduin every day to meet the demands of the digital age, where speed, efficiency, and accuracy are critical.

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Better navigate GPs through evolving environments and business drivers with Anduin

More than the traditional outsourced production of fund financial statements, Modern Administration leverages purpose-built technology to solve administration challenges.

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Drive workflow efficiency through secure, seamless integrations with Anduin

Integrations are a natural part of any business. Make that process easier for mutual clients through seamless integrations and let them benefit by spending less time toggling between systems while avoiding disjointed operational headaches endemic to fundraising.

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