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Get Deals Done.

Making private market transactions safe, accurate, and fast, from first handshake to final close.

Anduin Transactions

Anduin Transactions is a platform that makes private market transactions smart, safe, and fast.

Anduin fixes all of the frustrating, costly issues that investors, lawyers and executives face in closing deals, from missed milestones to hard-to-track paperwork. We integrate every major aspect of the transaction - data room, eSignature, communication, and automatic document generation and parsing - and wrap it in a secure and intuitive workflow, guiding all parties through the deal from first handshake to final close. Our mission is to create a pleasurable-to-use system that transforms the private share ecosystem by driving transparency and accuracy and protecting entrepreneurs, employees, legal professionals, and investors.


Unify every part of your transaction workflow.

Communicate, negotiate, generate and share documents, and even sign and close deals on the Anduin platform.

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Workflow Automation Icon
Workflow Automation

Anduin helps you manage the tiny inefficiencies that add up in a deal, easing stress and helping you get it right.

eSignature Icon

Never worry again about whether you’re receiving the correct signed version or tracking who still owes you a signature.

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Data Room

Share documents safely, without hassle. Upload a due diligence checklist and watch the documents come in.

Communication Icon

Communicate across, teams, devices, and deals. Anduin integrates with your email for a seamless on and off-platform experience.

Document Parsing and Generation Icon
Document Parsing and Generation

Generate documents without effort. Create documents from templates, old deals, or through a wizard.

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Safety and Security

Sleep soundly knowing that your information is safe. We've applied lessons learned from building software for the NSA and CIA. Security is in our DNA.


Anduin Deals

Helping you close deals with accuracy, transparency, and speed.

Anduin Deals

Anduin is a platform to get deals done.

Contact us to see how leading investors, law firms and companies are using our platform for a safe, smart, and fast deal process.

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