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Law Firms

Legal professionals are often managing the most minute details of a transaction, and they face immense pressure to do so accurately and in a timely manner. Anduin helps them manage all of those small details in one central place, providing them with confidence that deals are being done quickly and accurately.

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Customize The Deal

Anduin allows each partner to customize the workflow and timeline of the deal to his or her individual preferences and ensure that all checklist items, no matter how minute, are completed before a deal gets closed.

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Auto-Generate Documents

Anduin allows users to generate new documents based on saved versions of old ones, even from a prior deal. Redline versions are automatically incorporated in an easy-to-understand interface.

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Eliminate Errors

Anduin’s legal parsing technology helps you catch mistakes and reduces the likelihood of errors in the deal. By parsing out the terms and providing summaries, we help you stay on top of the important terms under negotiation.

Transparency With Control Icon
Transparency With Control

Anduin provides transparency on the status of the deal whilst still retaining attorney-client privilege. Interact with your client and opposing counsel in clearly delineated, differentiated workspaces.

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Align Deal Participants

Attorneys’ clients are often breathing down their necks, wondering what’s going on and why things are taking so long. Of course, lawyers know that what they’re working on is important and takes time. Anduin allows lawyers to align the participants of a deal around a reasonable set of expectations, saving them the hassle of having to deal with clients or counterparties banging down their door.

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Do More Deals

Anduin makes you more efficient on each deal, meaning you have expanded bandwidth to do more of them. For law firms that facilitate early-stage transactions, doing more deals means exposure to more high-growth companies and better long-run economics.

Investment Firms

Investors are often blind to the status of a deal, but Anduin Deals allows them to track the status of an investment in progress and close their deals quickly and without error.

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See the Status of Deals in Progress

Gain visibility into the status of deals in process, from terms under negotiation and how they impact you to information about what party owns the next step, allowing you to close deals more quickly and accurately.


Companies are often the most pained by the inefficiencies in the capital formation process, as they are paying for the legal fees on both sides of the transaction and are often operating at an information disadvantage, having only been through a handful of financing rounds to the VCs and lawyers hundreds. Anduin helps companies understand the terms under negotiation and how they impact them, and also helps save them money by making the process more efficient.

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See the Status of Your Financing

No more stressing about the progress of your deal. Companies that just received term sheets are anxious to get the money in their bank account. Anduin enables them to see the status of their financing round so they know that it’s on track.

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Save Time and Money

Anduin automatically handles core steps in the fundraise process to facilitate deals getting done more quickly and accurately. Companies benefit largely from these efficiency gains, as they are typically paying the legal fees on both sides of the aisle.

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Simplify Multilateral Negotiations

On Anduin, you can streamline your interactions with your investors by engaging with them on a single platform.

Anduin is a platform to get deals done.

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